The rhombus Ant Nest


Welcome to the world of the Rhombus Ant Nest - a revolution in creating a home for our six-legged friends. Step into a marvelous environment where your imagination is the only limit. This nest is not only unique, it is fully magnetic, giving you the freedom to build in any imaginable shape. Let your creativity run wild and design a habitat that perfectly suits the needs of your ant colony.

But that's not all! The Rhombus Ant Nest is equipped with an integrated humidity system, carefully designed to provide an optimal living environment for your ants. Fill the test tube and enjoy a perfectly balanced humidity for a minimum of five weeks, just the way your ants like it.

We have tested this nest with various species, and the results speak for themselves - even the most demanding species, such as the Harpegnathos Venator, thrive in this unique habitat.

But how big is this marvelous nest? You can start using it with as few as 60 workers, and it can accommodate up to 600 workers - a true ant paradise!

What do you get when you choose the Rhombus Ant Nest?

  • The rhombus nest
  • 3x sealing lid
  • 1x connector for your transparent tube
  • Test tube + blue sponge
  • Transparent red acrylic lid
  • Nest raiser on the bottom

So what are you waiting for? Enter the world of the Rhombus Ant Nest and give your ants a home that is as unique as they are.