Leafcutter Cylindrics


Welcome to our latest addition: the Leafcutter Cylinders! Designed with care and precision, these cylinders provide an optimal environment for the well-being and activity of your leafcutter ant colony. Made of high-quality acrylic and enriched with 3D-printed components, our cylinders are a combination of innovation and quality.

What makes our cylinders so special?

  • Dimensions: Each cylinder has a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 25 cm, providing ample space for your leafcutter ants to thrive.

  • Enhanced features: Our latest upgrade includes a lid with a built-in temperature and humidity meter, allowing you to closely monitor the environmental conditions of your colony. Additionally, the cylinders come with two substrates designed for an optimal humidity of 99%.

  • Versatility in design: Each set contains three cylinders, each with different lid options, including a mesh lid for optimal ventilation, sealed acrylic lids for a controlled environment, and small lids for adaptability to your colony's needs.

  • Easy to connect: Thanks to the included acrylic pipes and sealing lids, the cylinders can be easily connected, allowing you to create an extensive network of habitats for your leafcutter ants.

  • Complete package: Each set comes with all the essentials, including substrate and substrate lids, allowing you to immediately provide your colony with a comfortable and stimulating environment.

Whether you are an experienced leafcutter ant keeper or just starting out on this exciting adventure, our Leafcutter Cylinders offer everything you need for the well-being and observation of your colony.

1 Cylinder Expansion Set:

  • Includes accessories: This expansion set comes with everything you need for seamless integration with your existing habitat:
    • 10 cm pipe: For extending the fungus chambers and creating additional space.
    • Sealing piece: To securely and firmly seal the pipe, maintaining a controlled environment.
    • Acrylic sealing lid: For creating a closed environment if desired, allowing optimal control over airflow.
    • Acrylic mesh lid: For balanced ventilation while keeping the environment secure.
    • Substrate and lids included: Two substrates and a substrate lid for a comfortable and stimulating environment.

The Start Set:

  • Includes accessories: This expansion set comes with everything you need for seamless integration with your existing habitat:
  1. Fungus pod
  2. Garbage pod
  3. 10 cm acrylic pipe
  4. 2x acrylic pipe lids
  5. Stairs for garbage pod
  6. Substrate + substrate lid

And let's not forget: each fungus chamber is equipped with a convenient opening on the outside. These openings are specially designed to easily add water to the substrates without having to remove the cylinder lid. This minimizes disturbance to the ant colony and ensures that the living environment of your leafcutter ants remains as undisturbed as possible. Thus, caring for your colony becomes an effortless and worry-free experience, with the well-being of your ants always taking precedence.