Camponotus Ligniperda

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The Camponotus Ligniperda is one of the largest Camponotus species available. This species likes dry conditions, so it does not suffer from humidity. This species grows slowly at the beginning, but after 50 workers the pace increases.



Scientific name Camponotus Ligniperda


Dutch name The common Giant ant


Difficulty class 1. Advanced


Queen | Gyne: 16-18 mm


Workers: 6-8 mm


Type of colony: Monogyn, 1 queen per nest.


Type of nest: 3D launcher Outworld


Temperature:  20-25 degrees


Hibernation: October-March at +/- 10-15 degrees


Our advice: a little cooler

keep in winter around 15 degrees.

For example in the basement, cooler attic or shed.


Our experience: even in winter at room temperature

these ant colonies continue to develop well.


Food: Sugar or honey water and small insects:

Our advice for smaller colonies: fruit flies or half crickets / half dubia


Humidity: may be dry, otherwise 50/60%


foundation: Clausstral


Distribution area: central - Europe


The color of the ants: Black - Red