Messor Barbarus

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Messor Barbarus, is one of the best known ant species in the ant world. this ant is also called the harvester ant, because they are known for collecting and eating different kinds of seeds. They grind these seeds with some into a paste which is also called Ant Bread. they can give this paste to both the larvae and the queen. This species is easy to keep, if you want to start in this hobby this is the perfect beginner species.




Scientific name Messor barbarus

Dutch name The harvest ant

Difficulty class 1. Beginner

Queen | Gyne: 14-18mm

Workers: 3-14 mm

Colony type: Monogyn, 1 queen per nest.

Nest type: 3D launcher Outworld

Temperature: Room temperature, 15-30 degrees

Hibernation: No, hibernation is. Our advice: slightly cooler keep in winter around 15 degrees. For example in a basement, cooler attic or shed. November-February Our experience: even in winter at room temperature these ant colonies continue to develop well.

Food: Sugar or honey water and small insects: Our advice for smaller colonies: fruit flies or half crickets

Main food: various seeds (grass seed, bird seed, dandelion seeds etc...)

Humidity: Easy. Advice: Keep part of the nest slightly moist This species likes it drier than, for example, Lasius niger and Myrmica rubra.

Distribution area: (Southern) Europe and (North) Africa


Messor Barbarus is easy to care for, always provide enough seeds and water. in addition, you give them an insect every few days. if it is not taken every 3-4 days, it is also allowed every 5-6 days. you have to play with it yourself to see how many days they need insects. in any case, make sure that this species is in a calm and quiet place with little vibration. to avoid stress.