MineCraft ant House


Welcome to the Minecraft Ant Nest, a marvelous world under your own roof! This unique ant farm resembles a piece of nature in a cube, complete with grass on the top and soil on the bottom. Every time you peek inside, it's a surprise, with white and ivory as the colors of the interior.

Our Minecraft Ant House comes in three different sizes, ensuring a perfect home for every ant colony:

  • Mini: 64 x 87 x 26 mm (suitable for 20+ workers)
  • Small: 110 x 110 x 26 mm (suitable for 80+ workers)
  • Medium: 165 x 165 x 26 mm (suitable for 200+ workers)

Each nest comes with a red lid, keeping the ant farm nice and dark. This allows you to observe your ant colony up close.

What makes our hydration system so special? It's simple and effective. Fill the test tube with water, place the blue sponge halfway, and insert it into your nest. For the next 4+ weeks, you don't have to worry about humidity. Convenience for the ants!

What do you get with your nest?

  • The nest itself, of course
  • A 10 mm connector (and an additional 16 mm connector with the Mini)
  • A red lid
  • A test tube
  • A blue sponge
  • (With the Medium, you also receive two side lids)

Create your own piece of wilderness and marvel at the fascinating world of ants with the Minecraft Ant Nest.