The Satellite Outworld XL


Welcome to the Satellite World XL - an innovative combination of a nest and outer world in one compact and efficient design. With an interior space of 15x15x15 cm, this Satellite World provides a comfortable and secure home for your colony, while the exterior dimensions of 23.5 x 16 x 18 cm allow for ample room to explore and thrive.

Whether you are starting a small colony or already have a flourishing community, the Satellite World XL adapts to the needs of your ant family. Starting with just 5 workers, they can be connected to the interior through one of the test tubes. As the colony grows, the side pillar provides an easy route to the top, where more tubes can be opened to accommodate expansion.

Here's what you can expect:

  • The complete outer world, with carefully designed dimensions for optimal living conditions.
  • 16 test tubes for connection and expansion of the colony.
  • Closure lids with safety buttons marked with the letters A, N, T, and S, ensuring a secure environment.
  • A built-in temperature and humidity meter, both inside and outside the outer world, for accurate monitoring of the living climate.

With the Satellite World XL, you have everything you need to see your colony thrive, from humble beginnings to 1500+ workers and beyond. Give your ants the space and freedom to grow and flourish in this extraordinary habitat.