Ant Liquid Feeder - Multi Colors.


Introducing the Ant Liquid Feeder - the convenient solution to safely hydrate your ant colony.

With four handy sizes to choose from, you'll surely find the perfect fit:

  • The smallest stands at just 3.1 cm tall, with a capacity of 1 ml.
  • For a slightly larger option, there's a model measuring 4.1 cm, accommodating 3 ml.
  • For even more choice, there's a feeder standing at 5.5 cm tall, holding 5 ml.
  • And for those in need of extra hydration, we offer the largest variant at 9.2 cm tall, boasting an impressive 30 ml capacity.

Each feeder is equipped with a fine mesh screen to keep your ants safe while they drink, allowing you to care for their well-being with peace of mind.

But that's not all! We offer a whopping eleven vibrant color options:

  • Classic choices like white, black, and brown.
  • For a splash of color, there are green, yellow, and blue options.
  • If you like to stand out, we have red, orange, and purple choices.
  • And for a touch of glamour, there are even silver and gold feeders available!

Can't decide? No problem! You can also opt for a random color, keeping it a delightful surprise.

Whether you're a seasoned ant enthusiast or just starting out on this fascinating journey, the Ant Liquid Feeder is here to help keep your colony healthy and hydrated. Trust in our carefully tested feeders for optimal performance and peace of mind.