Complete Kits

5 / 6 days

Discover the possibilities to design your own ant world with our complete sets, crafted to provide an ideal living environment for your ant friends. Choose from our two basic sets:

  • Mini Outdoor World: A compact base of 11x11 CM with a height of 15 CM, perfect for an intimate environment.

  • Large Outdoor World: With generous dimensions of 16x16 CM and a height of 20 CM, this set offers space for an extensive living environment.

Both outdoor worlds are easy to assemble, allowing you to quickly start building your ant empire.

If you want even more options, consider our multi-connection options:

  • Multi K: A square multi-connector for various expansions.
  • Multi G: A rectangular multi-connector for flexible connections.

For the nest, there are different options available, each suitable for a specific number of workers:

  • Mini Nest: Suitable for 25-30+ workers.
  • Cylindrical Nest: Designed for 50-80+ workers.
  • Small Nest: Ideal for colonies of 90+ workers.
  • Medium Nest: Space for 200-250+ workers.

Add a personal touch to your nest by choosing from a range of colors, including Green, Yellow, Blue, or Red, specially available for the Medium nests.

Each complete set comes with a 50cm acrylic tube and a convenient Allen key, so you can start creating the perfect environment for your ant colony right away. Let your ant adventure begin!