Small V2 - House of the Ants Nest


Small V2 - House of the Ants Nest

The Small V2 House Of The Ants Nest is an expansion nest measuring (L)110 x (W)110 x (H)25 mm, specially designed for ant colonies ranging from 80 to 500 workers.

The 2 cm walking space is suitable for all types of ants. The nest features a self-sustaining hydration system that provides optimal humidity for up to four weeks. Thanks to its double security with a sliding system and brass inserts, the nest is very sturdy.

The nest can also be heated with a cable for added comfort.


  • Red acrylic cover
  • Test tube with sponge
  • 10 mm connection piece

This nest is ideal for both novice and experienced ant keepers who want to provide their colony with a comfortable and secure living environment. It offers ample space and the ability to adjust conditions as desired, such as with a heating cable. With the self-sustaining hydration system, you don't have to worry about humidity for approximately four weeks after filling the test tube.