Lasius Niger

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Lasius niger is the most common ant species
in the Netherlands. You can find them everywhere in gardens, forests and
by the road. With a little patience you can also raise and observe them in a Launcher Outworld. This strain is stress resistant so the perfect strain to start with to learn everything. this one bug every few days, take it well can give you more, if not take it well, try a few days later.




Scientific name Lasius niger

Dutch name Black (or brown) road ant

Difficulty class 1. Beginner

Queen | Gyne: 8-9mm

Workers: 3-6 mm

Colony type: Monogyn, 1 queen per nest

Nest type: Launcher Outworld

Temperature: Room temperature, 15-30 degrees

Hibernation: No, hibernation is. Our advice: slightly cooler
keep around 10-15 degrees. For example in basement,
cooler attic or shed. November-February
Our experience: even in winter at room temperature
these ant colonies continue to develop well.

Food: Sugar or honey water and small insects:
Our advice for smaller colonies: fruit flies.

Humidity: Easy. Advice: Keep part of the nest slightly moist

Distribution area: (Western) Europe Advice